Dark Honey Highest in Antioxidants

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A report is talking about how the Darker the honey the higher in Antioxidants. in there “Ah, Honey: A Sweet Idea” article mention the report and have links to their references and the bottom right of the page.  The article states:

Next time you crave a little something sweet, skip the sugar bowl, and spoon on some of this instead: buckwheat honey.

The dark, sweet, sticky stuff will give your body a powerful shot of cell-protective phenols — something plain old sugar simply can’t do.

Color Is Critical
Honey is a super way to bolster your body’s defenses against the kind of cell-damaging processes that can lead to premature aging and disease. But when it comes to honey’s antioxidant content, color makes all the difference. Buckwheat honey, the darkest of all the kinds tested in a recent study, had the highest antioxidant activity by far.